Well all was looking fantastic for the bank holiday event track ready to be power harrowed and 2 water bowsers ready to water the track.

We arrived at the track on the Friday and it was raining hard we started to put the barriers out and rechecked the weather and could not be leave what we were seeing, torrential rain was forecast for the whole weekend lightening and flooding, no one seen that coming as the rest of the country was in glorious sunshine.

We took a final track inspection and discovered that the track had been rotavated the previous day and was open to the rain and was now 12" deep all the way round the track and with the weather now being forecast bad all weekend we had no choice but to cancel the event.


Well for those of you that know Marshfield its like any old school track takes a lot to maintain and if the weather has been kind it rides hard and fast.

This time we had the dry weather but the track hadn't recovered properly from the good Friday event, not everyone's cup of tea but its a thinking track but all blocks of racing were completed.

The track since then has had a lot of new soil brought in and covered the top half of the where its needed most.

We do want to go back there next year but we need reassurance from the land owner that it will be in perfect condition first.


Well after the snow and blizzards yet again the weather nearly beat us.

Track conditions on the Sunday morning were perfect, we managed to run practice and first block of races before the heavy rain came and ruined the track.

We soldiered on through the second block and managed to complete it, but that was all the riders wanted and they were happy with the officials decision to call it a day as you can appreciate a lot money has been spent on some of these bikes and they don't want to ruin them on the first outing of the season.

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