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Update 27th April

Rd 1 at North Nibley was looking fantastic until the sudden change in the weather which brought heavy snow and forced us to postpone the event, so we rescheduled are events and made Ford on April 15th Rd1.

Ford on the 15th April the heavy rains had effected the track conditions but on the week leading up to the event we had some good sunshine and strong winds which helped dry the track to perfect race conditions.

With the track prepped and ready to go we started racing at 10am Sunday and the riders were loving the conditions.

practice and block one stayed dry then half way through the second block the rain came in heavy and didn't stop for a couple of hours which made the conditions very heavy going.

After listening and talking to several riders the decision was made to complete the second block and call it a day which to all the Evo riders was a relief as after all the money some riders had spent on there bikes they didn't want damage them in the heavy muddy conditions at the first event of the year.

Now onto Rd2 at Marshfield moto park 13th May, where we have all the usual classes and the wedding reception of the Lilleys cider guys James and Emma, so come along on the saturday and join in.

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