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Well wev'e being knocked back again because of the weather.

We have had to cancel the Wickwar event for the 15th July, we have loads of water and 2 tractor and bowsers ready to roll but the water comes from another farm which is an Equestrian Cross Country Training Centre and they were ok for 1 tractor and bowser collecting water all day but not 2 tractor and bowsers running all day and early Sunday morning as they felt this would disturb and might cause upset to the people and the horses that use they centre daily as this is there livelihood.

Without 2 tractor and bowsers running we can not get no where near what we we need to dampen the track and with the weather and ground conditions at the moment we have no choice but to cancel the event with the safety of the rider in mind, we are absolutely gutted about this as a lot of time and effort has been spent organising this over the last month.

So onwards we go, we have moved everyone to the Sunday of FORD on the 26th August and those that cant make it have been refunded, this will be a 2 day meeting (Saturday/Sunday) with the Sunday being the FINAL round of the series and presentation and as its a bank holiday weekend the bar and catering will be there Sunday night and everyone can stay until the Monday.

We need all the support we can get to run this last series event and it will only run if the entries are sufficient and weather depending.

We have the go ahead to go back to Wickwar later in the year and also to North Nibley and Bromyard but these would be nothing to do with the series.

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