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2020 Series

Due to the DIRT BIKE SHOW being brought forward by nearly 5 weeks (which hasn't helped as we were hoping to launch the 2020 series at the shows original date in November) we have managed to get all dates and venues sorted.

The new 2020 series registration was opened for two to allow all 2019 series riders that entered at least one event to get booked first, now it is open to everyone.

We have secured support again from some of our great sponsors who with there support make the series what it has become, phones always on for any one interested in supporting the series.

For all Series entries and Race entries just simply call us and we will complete all the paper work for you, all entries must be supported with payment at the time of booking in.


For all race entry forms and t's and c's go to the race entry drop down tab at top of page.

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